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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Very Dry Mouth

My mouth is very dry this morning. I guess that may be a result the feathers on the crow I am eating. Some of you may have seen my blog post awhile back where I predicted McCain’s victory and the reasons for my prediction. It seems I may have been wrong.

I will admit, I did not vote for Obama, however, a few Americans did. I would say America has spoken. I have heard that the credit for Obama’s victory goes to George W. That may well be correct. Whatever the factors, Barack Hussein Obama will be our next president. That being the case, I plan on supporting him in every way I can. That is what we are supposed to do… and I will. He will need all of the support we can muster up. He has a very difficult job ahead of him.

Of course, I will not abandon or soften any of my moral beliefs. Those come from God, not a human. So that means that I have some serious issues with a few of our new president’s moral leanings, but that is a different issue than getting behind him in general support. I know he is going to do things with which I don’t agree, but so did Bush, Clinton and other presidents, except Reagan ;>) .

We republicans ought to just sit back and enjoy the next 4 years. The democrats now also control both houses of congress. That ought to be fun at times. Lets face it, there is absolutely no way any error in judgment or mistake can be blamed on the republicans.

To net this out, Obama is the president elect… He will be my president and will get my respect and support until such time as he proves himself unworthy.

Are there others out there who need to join me in the crow eating?
If so, all I can say is Bon Appitite.



1 comment:

Mr. E. said...

I will support him as well . . . even though I also disagree with him morally . . .

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