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Friday, November 14, 2008


Our government at work

OK… let’s see what they have done for us lately:

They failed to regulate the mortgage industry sufficiently…

They failed to slow the pace of run-away foreclosures…

They failed to regulate Wall Street sufficiently…

They failed to stabilize our economy…

They failed to prevent massive layoffs and unemployment…

They are using $700 billion of our dollars to try and fix their mistakes…
(any bets on their sucess)

They failed to get us out of the Iraq war in a timely manner…

The list could go on and on but one must stop somewhere.

So they must be effective at something they attempt…True?

Yes, of course they are. We should not let the above list of small failures prevent us from recognizing when they do something right, should we? And this one is gigantic compared to the above items.

Just look at the great job they are doing on getting the word out about the February 19th change to all digital television. We get thousands upon thousands of warnings every day. If I never see another one it will too soon!

WTH… With everything going on right now that is the most important thing to them? And guess what? If you are so lame as to be still watching TV with a rabbit ear antenna, via the airwaves, the government will give you a high dollar voucher to get the necessary converter. Hummmmm…. I wonder who is paying for that? YOU ARE! That’s who!

Hey, wait a minute… I don’t have TiVo. There must be some way the government will get it for me. And no iPod either. Since I don’t need the digital TV converter can I have a voucher of equal value towards one of these?

Well, in the event we really do enter another great depression at least we all can watch digital TV. That will give something to do while sitting at home with no job or money. This assumes we will have a home.

God bless,

Love all – Trust some – Harm none



1 comment:

Penny said...

LOL...Wayne -- they certainly are getting the word out on the digital conversion!

I can't help but wonder if that is because "they" are afraid of the phone calls, emails, and letters they would receive if one of their constituents wasn't able to watch TV.

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