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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Information on abortion

Answers to important abortion questions:

Since my article on "Single Issue Voter" I have received some comments (mostly wrong) regarding abortion. In addition I have received some questions. Seeing no need to re-invent the wheel I am going to direct you elsewhere for clarification. I picked a place that I believe is Biblically correct and with beliefs almost identical to mine. Even if you think you are well grounded on this issue, go read these anyway. It will only take a few minutes and well be a good refresher.

Be blessed,

What does the Bible teach about abortion?Pro-life or pro-choice?

Is abortion justifiable in cases of rape or incest?

Is it better for deformed or handicapped children never to be born?

Is abortion justifiable when the child is unwanted? Doesn't unwantedness lead to child abuse?

Response to Response

Response to Response

Response was posted at: http://blogoreason.blogspot.com/

The glaring difference (your words) between the two lists Faith and Family values are removed from your lists. That is simply a difference of opinion as my list was just that – my list. You are free to develop your own list. As you seem to indicate that my extra item is without value and does not belong on the list, you may want to ask both the Democratic and Republican parties to remove the families and children plank from their platforms. You can find both at http://www.ontheissues.org/

On your stand and opinion on abortion…
Let’s start with you are wrong. You are wrong because this is my blog and I post my opinions. An opinion is not right or wrong… its an opinion. Let’s follow that with I am right. I am right because this is my blog and I get to post my opinions. An opinion is not right or wrong… its an opinion. I am sorry, but saying things like "the word abortion does not appear in the Bible" tends to make people discount what you say after after that. The word "trinity" also does not appear in the Bible but, so what? It is clearly a Christian Biblical principal. I could find, and site, others but I think I have made my point. You are entitled to your beliefs right or wrong and I am entitled to mine.

I intend to use this forum to express MY opinions. You can agree or you can disagree, but this is not the correct forum to attempt to change the other’s opinion. Entire books, many of them, have be dedicated to some of the topics in which we disagree. We cannot hope to make enough valid points here to convince the other person… and that was never my goal. I will use this blog to express my opinions, and you may use your blog to express your opinions. There is nothing wrong with that… opinions are not right or wrong. We can agree or disagree with another’s opinion, but that does not make it right or wrong.

The only additional comment I will make regarding abortion is a question for you regarding your Jewish law quote. Does this mean that it should be OK to kill a newborn through its 29th day of life outside the womb? BTW, why would you think I would put stock in Jewish law?

On your example of McCain being pro-abortion and a supporter of the Taliban making me a two issue voter is incorrect. I would still be a single-issue voter. Guess which one? The second issue would only serve to support my position on the first issue.

Again, I think you have mis-judged the purpose of this blog. It is to express my views. It was never planned to be a platform to promote either politics or religion. Because I am a man of God it is impossible to have opinions that don’t reflect my commitment to Him. Whether we want to admit it or not, using this forum to debate issues will soon become personal and feelings will be hurt. You are free to write what you wish in your blog, but I would appreciate a "non-personal attack" style be used.

Thank you for your comments regarding the last 8 years under the Bush administration, but I am not going to go there. Those comments were obviously designed to get my hackles up… Again, that is not the purpose of my blog. If that is how you wish to use yours… go ahead.

It is my intent to let you know when I have a new post, and reveal the topic. You may not want to read some of them… That’s OK. You may agree with some, or you may never agree with any… And that’s OK too. When I make a post I will notify approximately 65 people… so be clear that I am not aiming it at any one individual and that includes you (except for this post).

It seems to me that anyone who reads your blog response to my first article and this posting will feel as though they are eavesdropping on a private conversation. I don‘t feel very good about that.

By the way, I am working a new book. The planned title at this time is "An Atheist by Faith." It probably won’t be done for 6 to 12 months. I will keep you posted. I am sure you will enjoy it.

In the Grip of Grace,
Wayne (or Dad, depending)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Single Issue Voter

Why I am a "One Issue Voter"

With the election less than 40 days away, it is important that all Americans get familiar with the issues and decide who best represents what you believe is your (and the country’s) best interests. After you have weighed the information (issues) and assessed where each presidential candidate stands on each, you need to vote your conscience. Please note that I said vote your conscience. I did NOT say vote your party. If you are the type of person who will vote your party regardless of their positions on important issues, you probably ought to stop reading this now. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if you fall into that category (I will vote for my party no matter what) you probably don’t have gray matter that is sufficiently tuned to understand the rest of what I am going to say.

There are many, many important issues and I have listed just a few of what I consider the most important. You ought to understand them as much as you possibly can, and you need to recognize where EACH candidate stands on each issue. There is nothing better for freedom than an informed voting population.

My list of important issues:
The economy – financial crisis – mortgage / wall street
The economy and taxes – size of federal government
The two major ongoing wars – Iraq / Afghanistan
Energy and the environment
Homeland security / Immigration
Faith and family values
Foreign policy
Veterans, seniors and social security

Again, there are other issues but these are what I consider the most important. The core issues, if you will allow me.

Having said all of that I admit that I am a one issue voter. I will tell you why. First, if you carefully analyze the positions of both McCain and Obama on the above list of issues you will find that, except for the war in Irac, and except for minor differences elsewhere they basically have the same plans. That tells me that, as far as the above issues, it really does not matter which candidate wins. After the first 4 years in office we will be in roughly the same position as a country regardless of who has been the president. This would happen as a result of each having a team of advisors and because of our system of checks and balances.

So what is my one issue? Abortion of course. It should have been obviously missing from the above issue list. While I am very happy that our abortion percentage is at a 30 year low, that is not enough. As a country, we are still killing over 1,100,000 unborn humans each year. That is not good. In fact that is very very bad. That is over 3000 every day, over 125 every hour. In fact if it took you 5 minutes to read this 10 human babies were murdered while you were reading. This must be stopped.

God is the creator of all life and we don’t get to cancel what He has willed. Doing so is in direct violation of God’s laws. In fact it’s one of the Ten Commandments… #6 "You shall not murder." Exodus 20:13 God will not take it lightly that we decide to "thumb our noses" at him and ignore his commandments. These are commandments, not suggestions. God will not be mocked. See Galatians 6:7 As a country we will be punished for this murder. Look around, the punishment might be starting right now.

It is important that we take a hard look at ourselves as individuals. Even if God were silent on this issue how can we, as human beings, condone this genocide? My answer is "I can’t." Can you? Don’t take the question lightly. Look into yourself and see what your heart tells you.

OK. I will vote for John McCain because he is much closer to what I believe on this issue, and it is so important it is the determining factor for my vote. No, I am not completely satisfied with McCain’s position on abortion, but it is WAY better than Obama’s.

I recently had a conversation with a person who accused me of being a one issue voter because I voiced the reason I planned to vote for John McCain as being his stance on abortion. The person said something like "You pro-lifers are so narrow minded – you just don’t get it." I then suggested we discuss several of what he considered important issues and after a few minutes he no longer wanted to continue the discussion. It seems that those who disagree with the pro-life position feel their best approach is to attack our intelligence. I sent him running with his tail between his legs when I proved to him there were other potential "single issues" that would affect his vote. Anyone who claims that is not true is not being honest.

Would you vote for a candidate who endorsed income tax for all at 85%?
Would you vote for a candidate who advocated taking away a woman’s right to vote?
Would you vote for a candidate who advocated pedophilia?

Any of these examples and many more could easily make you a "single issue" voter.
I am a one issue voter and proud of it, because it is the most important issue. Give it some serious consideration and you may join me. God bless.

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