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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voter Rape

As I write this I am very irritated. In fact I am steaming mad. The polls in California had barely closed when the lawsuits were filed. It seems that the ACLU, the San Francisco City Attorney and several others have filed lawsuits challenging the legality of Prop 8. For you readers that aren’t in the state of the fruits and nuts, that is the "marriage is a man and a woman" proposition. It was a hard fought campaign on both sides and at the end of the day it had passed. Those voters voting "yes" prevailed over those voting "no." Most reasonable thinking people would say that is the end of it. The voters have spoken, right?

Wrong… very wrong.

So, what is the point in voting? If you are in the wrong side and you lose you just start filing lawsuits. And that is the democratic system? I am sorry, but it seems as though we have become a nation of cry babies who cannot accept not having things their way. This one will, no doubt, end up in the Supreme Court. Millions of dollars are about to be spent fighting a battle that has been already decided. Decided by the voters. Is not that supposed to be the way it works? Put it on the ballot and the majority rules. Where did I go wrong here?

The homosexuals want to be able to get married, just like the heterosexuals. If I refer to them again it will be "gays" and "straights." The voters said "no, marriage is for one man and one woman." You can have any kind of living arraignments you want, you can have any kind of contract you want between you and your lover, but you may not call it marriage.

Again, what is the point of voting? It seems it is just a game to make us THINK we have a say. If Prop 8 had lost there would have been no lawsuits filed, because the powers that be would have gotten what they were after, and it would have SEEMED LIKE the voters had done it. But, it went the other way… now we just can’t have that, can we?

It really doesn’t matter what side of the issue you are on. That is not the point. The point is that the California voters have been raped again. Our votes have been rendered worthless. The entire system is becoming a joke!

If you are interested is seeing many of the lawsuits filed and currently underway, just visit: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/11/5/125155/110/471/654479

I voted yes on Prop 8 because I believe strongly that marriage is between a man and a woman - period. Having said that, in the spirit of compromise I am willing to make a trade. If the gays want so much for their union to be called marriage, let’s let them have it, on one condition – we never again will be exposed to their offensive and perverted, public sex display they call a "gay pride" parade, such as those often seen in San Francisco and other cities. The parades our liberal media finds so important to dominate the prime time news with for all of our children to see. If the gay community would agree to that in exchange, and I had the power, they would all have their marriages. And, the first time they reneged on the agreement, and believe me they would because public display seems very important to them, all gay marriages would be declared null and void.

How about we put that on the ballot next election… It really does not matter anyway, because our votes don’t count!

In His love,
Love all – Trust some – Harm none


Stephen Weeks said...

I can understand your feelings, but I do not think they are necessarily well founded. One purpose of the courts under the federal constitution is to protect minority groups - whatever they are - from unequal treatment.

For example, if the majority of the state were to vote in favor of a law requiring all blue eyed individuals to pay an 80% income tax, the constitution is there to protect them. The way the protection is served is through the Court system.

It may not seem right at first, especially if the ballot provision is one you supported, but the protection is there for a valid reason.

Just my two bits.

Wayne Weeks said...

The previous comment is an unbised comment from an attorny... enough said.

Wayne Weeks said...

I think I mis-typed attorney. BTW, I would be in favor of all brown eyed individuals paying at least 80% income tax.

Shannon said...

Yes the courts are there to protect the minority groups however in this case this is a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. This is not just a law that was put in place. What these courts/attorneys are doing is saying that when the people vote an an amendment that it is unconstitutional. How is that possible? The people just said by vote that it is constitutional by way of amendment. Even an attorney might agree that this is a little far fetched. Of course it's the attorneys that are stating that it's not an amendment, but a revision which is much more difficult to pass. As a Christian I fear for California and what the spiritual outcome of these decisions are putting in motion. God forgive California!

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