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Friday, October 24, 2008

New economic stimulus plan unveiled


It looks like someone has finally come up with an economic stimulus plan that might actually work. The federal government has committed over $750 billion for various bailouts mostly to help financial institutions and the executives that caused this economic mess we are in. And as you will know, before they are done that number will be north of a trillion dollars. How much of that will trickle down to the hard working populace that are paying for it? Almost none. It’s a bailout for them, not us.

In the last attempt to stimulate the economy checks of $300 per individual or $600 per family were distributed. Did that help? Well maybe a little, but not very much. What did you do with yours? If you are like me you don’t have any idea.

So… now a plan that might actually help the recovery. This plan was conceived by a non-partisan group of congressmen, and you won’t hear about it elsewhere for days. I have an exclusive.

The Plan
Starting in January 2009 the federal government will grant $1,000,000 to 100 people each day for the first 20 work days of each month. The money will be tax free and distribution will be decided by some sort of lottery system yet to be determined. Each month 2000 people will receive $1,000,000 tax free. That will be 24,000 new millionaires in 2009. The plan will run for 10 years and therefore will result in 240,000 new millionaires and the total plan would have cost the taxpayers $240 billion. That is less than 1/3 what the bailout cost and remember the bailout was for the financial institutions.

There are a few qualifiers to participate in the lottery:
1. Participants may not be younger than 30 or older than 70.
2. Recipients must commit to a minimum of 20 hours per month of meaningful community service. Active military personnel are exempt from this requirement until the end of their active duty term.
3. Participants may never have been convicted of a felony.
4. Recipients must be U.S. Citizens.
5. If a recipient has ever filed bankruptcy the debts discharged must be paid from the $1,000,000 up to a maximum of $500,000.

Just distributing this much money will stimulate the economy, but wait… there’s more! Look at the benefits.

A lot of people will be doing community service… Good for the country.

Some recipients will invest the money… Good for the economy.

Some will start businesses creating jobs… Good for the economy

Some will spend it all on stuff… Also good for the economy

This will no doubt create excitement among citizens… Good for the country.

This plan could also help the U.S. regain it’s rightful spot as a world leader. Other countries may well follow our lead and institute similar programs… and the world’s economy rebounds.

There you have it… pretty sweet huh?

There is one false statement in the above. It is “This plan was conceived by a non-partisan group of congressmen.” This plan is really the brainchild of a guy in Missouri named Eric. My son Eric Weeks owns this one. We are both very interested in feedback as to why this would not work, and why it wouldn’t be better than any economic stimulus proposal or bailout presented so far.


Love all… Trust some… Harm none.


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Matt said...

i have to admit, that is a great idea...even if it does come from Eric.

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