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Wednesday, December 17, 2008



I am sure you have seen to media replays of the reporter throwing his shoes at President Bush in Baghdad a couple of days ago. I doubt anyone missed it as much time and replays as they gave it.

Some thoughts relating to that incident:

President Bush is still the leader of the free world. I don’t care what your politics are; proper respect needs to be show to the office. Just because a reporter is ashamed that we, a country half a world away, had to come and save his country from a tyrannical dictator, that does not give him permission to besmirch the top office of the country who saved him.

This reporter is nothing but a cowardly weasel. Had he the courage to try that with the tyrant we removed for him, Saddam Hussein, the outcome for him would have been very different. My guess is he would have been treated the pleasure of watching his wife being repeatedly raped and then witness to her murder. Probably followed by the torture and murder of his children and parents. After he had been forced to watch it all, he himself would be tortured and murdered.

Say what you want about Bush; he took it in stride.

This sort of behavior from the people of Iraq makes me think perhaps President Elect Obama may be correct. Maybe we should get out of Iraq. Let’s see how well they do on their own.



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