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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jesus is NOT the reason for the season


At this time of the year there seems to be ample reminders that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” That got me thinking, and caused me to conclude that is not really correct. Jesus is NOT the reason for the season. Oh, I think the idea behind the original campaign was a good one: it was to get us thinking about Jesus rather than the commercialism that is rampant in December. Lord knows we need that.

We human beings are the reason for the season. We were sinners bound for hell, but Jesus came born as a baby, human like us; lived a sinless life (unlike us) and died for us. We are the reason He came. If it weren't for our sinful nature and behavior, He wouldn't have had to ever leave Heaven. But for us, He came in the flesh to live amongst us, to teach us, and to die for us. He endured death on a Roman cross so that you and I can be assured of eternal life. Had we been capable of not sinning, there would be no celebration of Jesus birth, because He would not have needed to come to save us. But He needed to die for us to take away our sins… and He did.

So, you see, Jesus is not the reason for the season; we are. What an awesome God we serve!

Have a GREAT CHRISTmas !


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