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Friday, June 9, 2017

I am having a little trouble understanding Luke 14:26. Jesus seems to be telling us to hate our families. Is this so?

The front side of folios 13 and 14 of a Greek ...
The front side of folios 13 and 14 of a Greek papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of Luke containing verses 11:50–12:12 and 13:6-24, P. Chester Beatty I (Gregory-Aland no. P 45 ). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus' comments in Luke 14:26 are an example of hyperbole, a form of speech that exaggerates for emphasis. Jesus was setting up an extreme contrast to make a point. He was describing to His disciples the total love and commitment they were to have. In the Hebrew mindset of the time to "hate" simply meant to "love less." Jesus was saying that our supreme love must be for Him. Everything (and everyone) else must take second place. Measuring our love for Christ against all lesser loves may make these lesser loves seem like hate by comparison.

Related scripture:  Matthew 10:37

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