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Monday, January 26, 2009



With the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday just past, I have been thinking about values. He was clear in his campaign for equality and is to be lauded for that. However, at the time not everyone admired his work, in fact many opposed him. He was ahead of his time. He was a leader. He was a man who had the courage of his convictions… his moral convictions.

It is not always that way. In the recent election there was some discussions of whether or not a person should vote as their moral convictions lead them. Today, it seems the general consensus is that it is wrong to vote your moral convictions unless everybody else already shares them. No one ever really explains exactly what constitutes an offense in voting one’s values, but the complaints appear to be aimed mostly at conservative Christians. Christians are viewed as divisive when they try to “force their religious opinions on us.” But, as UCLA law professor Eugene Volokj wrote, “That’s what most lawmaking is – trying to turn one’s opinions on moral or pragmatic subjects into law.”

Those who think Christians should keep their moral views to themselves, it would seem, are bound to deplore many praiseworthy causes. One such cause was the abolition movement, which was mostly evangelical churches courageously applying Christian ideas of equality to the institution of slavery.

It is not surprising that the slave owners frequently used “don’t impose your values on me” arguments. Their contention was that whether or not they owned blacks was nobody else’s business.

I cannot think of a better argument and reason to vote your moral values.

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