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Friday, January 9, 2009



If you are happy with your job, or are looking for a new job both can be impacted by your social networking. A lot of people of all ages are finding the social network sites like: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and even LinkedIn fun and entertaining. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them, but you need to use some discretion and common sense.

With smaller budgets and less staff to conduct interviews, companies are increasingly using social networking sites as a way to screen prospective hires. Its an easy thing to check most popular social network sites for a profile and get a sense of who the prospect really is. So, if you are going to be online remember that everyone can see you. You and your friends should be very careful what you post. Stay away from things like off-color jokes, stories or comments. A picture of you holding a drink won’t help your job prospects.

Social networking sites typically let you post as much information about yourself as you like, including your education, work history and favorite music and books. You can join countless fan groups or causes. Status updates, which tell how you're feeling at any moment, offer yet more clues about you. How much you should reveal varies depending on your unique situation. The bottom line is that if you're looking to land (or keep) a job, you need treat your online profile like a resume.

Most of these sites do offer some privacy options that can somewhat restrict who sees what. That said, it's always safer to assume anything you post online can become public. After all, Facebook alone has more than 140 million registered users and LinkedIn, which is widely used by recruiters, has more than 33 million users worldwide. If a recruiter comes across your profile, there's a risk they'll judge you based on information that's not relevant to a job you may desire.

So, as I said at the start of this article, if you are looking for, or looking to keep a job, discretion and common sense are in order. Use your social networking skills to help, not hinder your job opportunities.
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Kimberley Rodriguez said...

Great advice Wayne and so true.
You have covered the topic nicely.

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