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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time for Some Swift Justice?

          I had to wait a couple of days after the Aurora Colorado theater massacre to write this, in order for some of the anger to wane. It seems that this is about as good as I will get, so here goes.

          We, the citizens of The United States of America, have abdicated our responsibility. We are called to uphold the constitution. We are not doing a very good job of that. In fact, we are doing a piss-poor job of it.  We have allowed the liberals to direct our actions, to the detriment of many, make that most, citizens. The 1st amendment is being eroded daily, and it is clear the 2nd amendment is under serious attack.

          It’s time for real Americans, the conservative Americans, to take action.  We need to unite against the socialist-leaning left before we lose everything.

          Did you notice that immediately after the theater massacre in Aurora the cries for more gun control began? Like guns are the problem… Give me a break!  I would like all of you liberals out there to get three or four handguns and place them on your kitchen table. OK, I understand you may need to borrow them as no respectable liberal would own a gun, but get your hands on some and put them on your kitchen table. Just to make this interesting, make sure they are loaded and the safety on each is off, so each gun is ready to fire. Now just wait. Wait until one or more of those guns begin killing people. Yes, you may have a very long wait.

          I think you get my point. It’s been said over and over, but for some reason you liberals don’t get it.  GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!  Do you really believe that if every gun in America had been confiscated that the nut in Colorado could not have come up with a method of destruction and mass killings? If so then you are a lot dumber than I thought! Do you pay any attention to the rest of the world? How about bombs strapped to bodies, or car bombs? Do you remember 9/11? How about the Oklahoma City bombing? No guns used in either.

          The truth is that if there had been some armed theater goers in the audience in Aurora there would most likely have been fewer deaths, and one of them may well have been Mr. James Holmes. That would have been a blessing.

          That brings me to SWIFT JUSTICE.  There are times when we see these types of attacks where the perpetrator is captured and there is ABSOLUTLY NO DOUBT of his guilt. Fairly recent qualifying events include this most recent one in Aurora, the one at Fort Hood, and the one in Tucson, AZ, where Representative, Gabrielle Giffords was wounded. I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones that come to mind. In each of these incidents IT IS KNOW BEYOUND ANY DOUBT who committed the heinous acts of violence, yet, they are still breathing good air and sucking up valuable resources. How stupid can we be?  They did it and they deserve to pay the price for their actions. KILL THEM!!!

          In every case where there is no doubt who the guilty party is we should give them a trial (one day maximum) within three days of their killings, then shoot them in the public square within a day of the jury’s decision. I understand this might take some new legislation but that ought to be doable. It is time to take back our nation, and start cleaning the gene pool.  If you find fault with, and/or take issue with this, you should take a hard look at yourself. You may well be part of the problem. This is NOT a partisan issue. It does not matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican (they are about the same now anyway). No doubt this will be more palatable to conservatives than liberals, but every real American ought to embrace it. As I said, it’s time to take back our country, and I say let’s take no prisoners!

          This type of behavior will not stop until the criminals, with thoughts of such actions, know beyond a doubt that they will die for their actions. As it is now they know they will go through years of appeals and have the hope some liberal attorney will come up with a way to get them off. We are stupid to bear the cost of keeping these scum-balls in jail or prison.  Just KILL THEM! And yes, in case you are wondering, I would volunteer to be the executioner. 

          As far as gun control… I am in favor of gun control.  That is I am in favor of each of us controlling our guns. I want more guns that I control, not less. We cannot have freedom if we are unable or unwilling to defend it. If you live in The United States of America and don’t own at least one protective firearm, you are living recklessly.

May God bless America!

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anotherview2 said...

Wayne: Dang, I know you as calm and thoughtful guy, yet when I read your essay "Time for Some Swift Justice?," I sensed the voice of justice Chinese-style: Short trails, due verdicts, maybe some review, and then carrying out of justice right away. In fact, I've read China uses a roving vehicle that administers the death penalty, to go where and when needed to bring justice to the condemned. As a compromise, and one that could work here in America, we should consider using the death penalty protocol the State of Texas uses. It passes the constitutional test, and performs a reasonably speedy justice on the condemned. Using it would soon enough clear the death rows across the nation. Zapper Ed Burbee.

Wayne Weeks said...

Hi Zapper Ed! Thanks for reading and for the comments. You probably noticed I posted that piece some time back, a couple of days after the Aurora Colorado theater massacre. Will admit I was very angry and felt we were doing nothing. If the rest of us did as Texas we would probably eventually solve a large part of the problem.
Personal regards,
Zapper Wayne

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