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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Truth is Emerging

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David Horowitz

As Obama huddles in closed door meetings this week with Muslim American leaders and his Administration lies about secret meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood, one has to wonder if Obama really has his eyes targeted on the real problem facing our nation. In the face of mounting Islamic terror, is this willful blindness or just ignorance. Either way, we are in great danger.

As a reader of FrontPage and a supporter of my Center, you know that the jihad has reached America's shores. Many potential attacks have been thwarted. But some have not. Little Rock, Fort Hood, the World Trade Centers, the Boston Marathon bombing; the list of terror incidents keeps growing. It may be a slow motion war, but it is here. Our president doesn't believe it is happening.

It is a chilling fact that many of those who will lead the next attack on America have grown up and gone to school here. But they have never really become a part of our country because they have spent years getting religious instruction in one of the thousands of radical mosques that have sprung up across our nation. That's what really frightens me. Our government is standing idly by while the terrorists who want to destroy it are manufactured day in day out in the radical mosques that teach the destruction of America.

This is no secret. FBI reports and eyewitness accounts have made it clear that a large number of the mosques in the United States urge their congregations to wage jihad against the infidels (us) and impose Sharia Law first on all Muslims and then on all Americans.

This is sedition, not religion.

Sharia Law is not only barbaric--justifying murder and the oppression of women and annihilation of other religions--but also incompatible with the United States Constitution. One cannot be a strict adherent of Sharia Law and still swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution. Yet, we allow Sharia to be advanced on a daily basis in hundreds of mosques across America.

Three major studies in the last 10 years have all found the same results. Over 75% of the 2,000 mosques in America are 'radicalized.' And what does radicalized mean?
  • That of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and only 19% had no violent texts at all.
  • That in 84.5% of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts.
  • That mosques which are Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violent texts than their non-Sharia-adherent counterparts and that leadership at Sharia-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshipper study violent texts than leadership at non-Sharia-adherent mosques.
Freedom of religion does not include the right to openly preach the destruction of the U.S. Constitution or violent jihad. Mosques that preach godliness and tolerance must be protected; but those that preach hatred and violence must be revealed for what they are--threats to our national security.

So why do I tell you about these centers of hatred in our midst?

Because the Freedom Center is launching a nationwide campaign to educate Americans about the truth of these radical mosques and how Islamists are using the principle of religious freedom to hide incitements to violence. The radicalized young Muslims who hear this message of sharia and anti American hatred day after day are acts of terror waiting to happen.

We need to act now.

This is why I have asked Robert Spencer, my colleague here at the Freedom Center and a national expert on radical Islam to write a pamphlet called Subversive Mosques that will document the way many Islamic houses of worship have been turned into recruitment centers for the jihad.

I will use Subversive Mosques to break down the conspiracy of silence and begin a frank and open, no-holds-barred national conversation about this problem. I want to get this vitally important work into the hands of public officials all over the country, to Members of Congress, Governors, and State Legislators. I want to get it into the hands of the media and force the talking heads to talk about this critical issue.

Thank you for all your support of my work and the Center.


David Horowitz 

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