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Thursday, June 5, 2014

R.I.P. Callie... R.I.P.

Today I lost a friend and companion of 15 years.  Callie, a beautiful bright Border Collie Was just a couple of months into her 16th year of life.  I will miss her.  

She was an amazing animal and close to perfect right to the end. I think the end came around 10:00 AM this morning. I was not here so am not absolutely sure of the time. My estimate is based on knowing when I left this morning and the degree of rigor when we found her.

As a young dog she loved to run. She had a running style we called “tuck butt.” It’s hard for me to describe it to someone who did not see it, but it will be forever in my memory.  It was truly a unique style. 

Callie liked people… almost all people, but sometimes at first it would take her a few minutes to “warm up” to someone new, but she always did.

In her entire life she visited a vet very few times. Most of her life she was a very healthy dog. Oh, the last few months she had a bit of “doggie dementia” but never was really sick ever.  That was an enormous blessing.

We knew she was getting close to the end, but even this morning she was acting perfectly normal.  Last night she came to the chair I was sitting in and gave my hand a little kiss… as though saying good-by. Of course I did not see it as that at the time.

Susan found her lying by the edge of the drive way when she stopped by the house for lunch.  I arrived just a few minutes later. We suspect she had a stroke and died immediately. In any event we think there was no suffering relating to her passing. I am glad of that.

We buried her on the edge of the woods bordering our property. That was one of her favorite places.  In a few minutes, when it gets a little cooler outside, I will take a beer and a fine cigar and go down there and spend a few minutes with her…

She will be missed. R.I.P Callie… R.I.P.                                                        
Callie on the left, Corky on the right.

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Betty Jean I said...

Awe its very sad when we loose such love in our lives, a spot seems to be left open , but is it really , Learning to know God the way I do , that He Is Love and Gives His Children the Desire of Their Hearts, Love Is What We Take Into Eternity and Are Never Separated In Love..that's a myth.. and I do Believe All Creatures we Love Will Be There & are here now, that we can feel their presence...I do believe as God Has Evolved Us, He Also Evolves All Other Living Forms..Maybe Our Gone First Friends are Getting Educated In Schools Just For Certain Forms..Oh The Heavens Team With Life and God Is Its Source..Blessings Wayne...Amen..

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