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Monday, August 5, 2013

Where is the outrage?

While I did not write this, it appears well thought out and on the mark. The source and author are unknown.


A couple of weeks ago, 16-year-old Joseph Brewer Jr., was out for a stroll in Chicago. Friends say he was on his way to visit his 5-month-old daughter.  If Barack Obama had a son, he would look like Joseph.  Joseph's brother, 20-year-old Stenson later said, "I just heard some shots and I came running." Joseph was shot multiple times.  He wasn't pounding anyone's head into the pavement or punching them.  He was shot in the back while going to see his daughter.  Now he's dead.  I await Al Sharpton's eruption.

Then again, perhaps there's no report of a racial angle to young Joseph's story and so the Reverend Sharpton has elected to conserve his outrage.  How about this one then:  Down in Georgia, Cobb County police have arrested four gang members for beating a 36-year-old-man and then pushing him into oncoming traffic where he was struck by a vehicle and killed.  This murder had a racial angle to it, so I expect Eric Holder will try the case repeatedly until he gets some sort of conviction, no?  No.  The victim was white, his attackers black and so the incident is greeted with the silence that passeth all understanding from those whose ostensible mission in this life is to foster racial harmony. Then again, maybe Nancy Grace is warming up in the wings.

On the evening of July 1st, 18-year-old Lorenzo Young and 18-year-old Troy Stevenson were bored.  They were both awaiting trial down in Walterboro, SC, on charges of everything from first degree burglary to assault and armed robbery.  A circuit judge had let them out on bond though, and there wasn't much to do.  Thugs need adrenalin after all, and so they went to rob a bar, but the back door to the place wouldn't open.  In a nearby bakery, 33-year-old Kelly Hunnewell was preparing bagels.  She became Plan B for our enterprising villains, who entered the kitchen where the mother of four was working, shooting her multiple times and killing her before realizing there was no money in the place.  They, along with an unidentified 16 year old accomplice, fled.  If Barack Obama had three sons, they would look like these young men.  The deceased was white.  I await Jesse Jackson's sober admonishment, and his rhymes too.

During the trial of George Zimmerman, four children were shot to death in Chicago.  Five-year-old Sterling Sims died in a murder that also killed his 31-year-old mother. Police think it was a robbery.  On July 1st, 16-year-old Antonio Fenner was shot and killed, his body next to that of a man who had gang affiliations.  Damani Henard, 14, died on July 3rd, his body next to a bicycle. On July 9, a man got out of a black van in a neighborhood park and opened fire at some boys.  Ed Cooper, 15, was hit.  He continued running to a vacant lot, where he collapsed and died, his civil rights eternally unquestioned by the NAACP, his visage never gracing the screens of MSNBC, CNN, or Barack Obama's catalogue of lookalike sons.
But see what has happened since the verdict?  A gang of black youths chased down an hispanic man in Baltimore, beating him and kicking him while yelling, "This is for Trayvon."  I hear the Department of Justice is in the market for hate crimes these days, so I hope this will stir their excitable curiosity.  I hope it.  But I doubt it.  Meanwhile, in California, the forces of tolerance took a hammer to one man's head, stormed a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles, punched people at random, briefly blocked Interstate 880 in Oakland, and otherwise engaged in behavior not seen since winning some sports championship.

Of course, the odds of President Obama or Eric Holder taking on these lawless, semiliterate goons are roughly the same as the odds of them standing up to the goons in the Muslim Brotherhood.  But there does seem to be a synthesis of two things happening here:

First, the definition of Justice in Barack Obama's America has been fundamentally transformed into a doctrine of comeuppance.  America, in the view of the President, the Attorney General and their enthusiasts, has not sufficiently paid for her sins, and so a dose of revenge is in order.  This is done chiefly through classifying certain criminal elements as untouchable.  Members of the New Black Panthers for example, decked out in military regalia and wielding a club so as to intimidate voters at the election polls are, simply, untouchable.  And you'll die of old age before Messrs Obama, Holder, Sharpton, or Jackson hold a rally in support of Sherry West, whose 13-month-old baby was shot in the face and killed by a black teenager in Brunswick, Georgia.

Secondly, looking over these horrific murders, a certain trend emerges.  In each of the incidents listed above, none of the victims fought back.  They were unarmed, and so they died with their reputations intact, unmolested by charges of racism.  It appears that only when someone declines to supinely submit to his beating that the hackles of the racial antagonists are raised.  One deduces that it was the sacred duty of George Zimmerman, a member of a neighborhood watch program, not only to refrain from monitoring the activities of someone he did not recognize following a string of burglaries in the neighborhood, but to politely acquiesce in his own beating, blithely permitting a 5'11' young man to pound his head on the pavement like a cantaloupe.  Apparently, it is only in this way that one can show tolerance and diversity in a post-racial nation.  In which case, you may count me as intolerant.  I fight back. 

There is much that is lamentable in our society.  An education system that produces people incapable of reading their own diplomas or uttering a single sentence in comprehensible English has yielded little more than lethargic wards of the state.  From young women who are abused by, and yet still swoon to, half-witted thugs, to a music and culture that affirms aberrant and evil behavior, something has gone terribly awry.  After the Zimmerman verdict, one reporter remarked on Twitter that it is now open season on black children, breezily overlooking the fact that the season has been open ever since Margaret Sanger labored and brought forth Planned Parenthood whose abortionists have slaughtered black children by the millions.  

It is horrendous and tragic that from Chicago to virtually every other major city where politicians conspire to restrict the right of law abiding citizens to defend themselves, every day is open season on black children.  The sad and inexcusable truth is that if Trayvon Martin had been shot in Chicago, he would have died in obscurity, his death registering not so much as a moment's distraction from a Presidential golf game, nor a blip on the radar screen of the peddlers of racial grievance.



anotherview2 said...

GZ killed his attacker, TM, in self-defense. Later, at his trial, a jury of his peers acquitted GZ after hearing the facts and information of his case and applying the law thereto. GZ used the traditional theory of self-defense, not the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law, as part of his trial defense. Racial profiling (and suchlike) could not become part of the trial itself because, earlier, the FBI had investigated the background of GZ and found no racial bias in his behavior. Instead, the news media workers, the black leadership, and supporters of TM ballooned the GZ-TM incident into a vehicle for their pet causes: racism, racial profiling, race relations, child safety, neighborhood safety, gun control, etc. A day or two after the GZ acquittal, the news media reported the birth of a prince. The GZ-TM incident promptly vanished from the daily round of newsworthy matters, and deservedly so. End of story.

Wayne Weeks said...

Hey there anotherview2... thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

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